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Sharing The Story Project

About the Sharing The Story Project

In 2006, INCORE led a delegation to the 6th International Conference on Diversity in New Orleans. During this event, delegates from Northern Ireland and Canada had the opportunity to meet and learn more about the diversity of their respective countries. During the conference it became apparent that there are some interesting parallels between Irish Travellers in Northern Ireland and First Nations people in Canada. For a brief report of this visit please click here

Since then, First Nations community development workers from Canada have travelled to Northern Ireland to speak at a series of events, meet with policymakers and conduct a series of workshops with a range of Irish Traveller organisations and Irish Travellers themselves.

In July 2007, INCORE led a second delegation to the 7th International Conference on Diversity in Amsterdam to report on their experiences over the past 12 months and to present a joint paper entitled:‘Sharing The Story: Canadian First Nations and Irish Traveller Community Development.’

The Sharing The Story Project has been supported by the Racial Equality Unit, Office of the First Minister and Deputy First Minister, Northern Ireland Executive.

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