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Conflict Resolution Evaluation: - The State of the Art

The field of conflict resolution and peacebuilding has reached a point in its development where the impact of projects needs to be quantifiable. Many organisations are seeking to develop ‘lessons learned’ which require knowledge and evidence of success. Funding agencies increasingly require review of project achievements and outputs so as to determine value/impact and in turn evaluate their own effectiveness.

Evaluation theory specific to conflict resolution and peacebuilding projects has not kept up with this demand, however, leaving the field without many viable options or models. The varieties of programmes within the field and evaluations undertaken at different stages of conflict have hitherto rendered shared models difficult. Many organizations thus draft their evaluations in relative isolation without the benefit of shared criteria for effectiveness and common methodology.

This pilot project aimed to:

  • Collect evaluation models currently being used in this field and identify relevant approaches from related fields;
  • Summarise the academic literature specific to conflict resolution and peacebuilding evaluation;
  • Convene a working group to begin to explore and refine the key questions and challenges.


The project resulted in the publication of two research reports:

  • The Evaluation of Conflict Resolution: Part II: Emerging Practice and Theory
    This paper is the result of the second phase of the project. 24 individuals from around the world  - who are actively engaged with issues related to conflict resolution and evaluation – met to discuss issues relating to emerging practice and theory in conflict resolution evaluation. This paper captures the essence of the discussion around these emerging themes and further develops the issues through research and analysis.

  • The Evaluation of Conflict Resolution Interventions: Part I: Framing the State of Play
    This paper provides information about current practices in the field and a framework through which to structure evaluation discussions.




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