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Diversity in Action Project (DiA)

About DiA

The Diversity in Action project, funded by the Community Relations Council, started in December 2006 and finished in September 2008. The purpose of the project, which had a particular focus on the North West area, was to help build capacity of Northern Ireland's minority ethnic sector. The project aimed to:

  • assist groups in developing the skills required to deal with bias and harassment through appropriate training programmes;
  • promote ongoing collaboration between majority and minority communities, policymakers and community practitioners;
  • provide opportunities for focused interaction between majority and minority communities;
  • produce models of good diversity practice;
  • develop a forum to bring local minority ethnic groups together.


Seminar Series

Foyle Multi-Cultural Forum

Ending Hate in our Communities Training


Race and the Media Conference

Public Speaking Competition - Community Relations Week

Findings Summary

On completion of the project, DiA staff produced a Findings Summary. This document summarises the findings of the project and highlights the issues facing minority ethnic communities. It also includes a set of recommendations which aim to further support the work of minority ethnic communities and ensure their full participation in Northern Ireland society. It is hoped that this information will be a practical and useful resource for minority ethnic community groups and those working with and representing minority ethnic communities in further developing and deepening their advocacy and practice work in the future. For a copy of the Findings Summary click here

DiA was funded by the EU Programme for Peace and Reconciliation within Measure 2:1, Reconciliation for Sustainable Peace, via the European Directorate of the Community Relations Council.


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